Mark Anthony England

Mark Anthony England

RED BOILING SPRINGS - A Red Boiling Springs man was arrested last Thursday following a domestic incident.

Mark Anthony England, 53, was charged with aggravated assault following an occurrence with a female.

According to the arrest report, Red Boiling Springs Police Chief Kevin Woodard was dispatched to a College Street residence for a domestic situation, and Woodard was told in the correspondence that a female had left the residence.

Woodard located the female walking on Dale Street and identified her. Her right shoulder was allegedly covered in blood, and it was running down the front of her shirt.

Woodard discovered that she had approximately a two-inch cut to the back of her head, and her hair was soaked in blood.

The female told Woodard that she had been living with England for approximately seven years and was in the process of leaving. She told Woodard that while she was packing up her belongings, England got mad over a glass that she packed up.

As they began to argue, the female told Woodard that England backed her up into a corner and hit her with a ceramic coffee mug, cutting her head. She said that she fought back and freed herself, allowing her to leave the house.

England told Woodard they were arguing as she was packing, and he said that the female hit him with a ceramic coffee mug first, striking him the right eye area. The arrest report states that England did have small cut marks in that area.

It was determined that England was the primary aggressor, and he was arrested due to the fact that he used the cup to cause serious bodily injury to the female.

His bond amount was set at $7,500, and his court date is slated for Nov. 7.