Kristi Dawn Sykes

Kristi Dawn Sykes

A Hartsville woman was arrested after allegedly swallowing contents from a bag of methamphetamine at the Macon County Jail.

Kristi Sykes, 34, faces multiple charges following the incident, which took place on Oct. 30.

According to the arrest report, Macon County Sheriff's Department detective Shane Gregory served Sykes a search warrant for the sale of narcotics. Sykes allegedly had on her a clear plastic bag containing a crystal substance, which she brought when transported to the jail.

During a search at the jail, Sykes allegedly placed the bag in her mouth and swallowed most of the substance inside.

The arrest report states that a field test identified the crystal substance as meth.

Sykes was charged with failure to appear as directed by a lawful authority per the search warrant. For this charge, she was not granted bond and was held for her court date on Oct. 31.

In addition, she was charged with possession of Schedule II narcotics, introducing drugs into a county institution and possession of drug paraphernalia resulting from the incident on Oct. 30.

For these charges, Sykes' bond was set at $11,000, and her court date was slated to have been held on Wednesday.