Letter to the Editor, from Brian Harris

February 3, 2014

To the Editor:

Great credit belongs to the Macon County Times for their efforts to reach beyond slick sound-bites and provide fact-based research on matters of concern and interest to readers. In particular, last week’s coverage of the upcoming campaign to pass pro-life Amendment 1 is timely and helpful so that voters can cast informed ballots when the time comes. Rarely has a media outlet in Tennessee so devoted the time and resources to outline clear reasons that Amendment 1 is proposed and desperately needed.

Tennessee’s abortion-on-demand policy is gravely out of step with the views of most Tennesseans. Due to a radical pro-abortion ruling by our state Supreme Court in 2000, virtually no meaningful regulation of abortion in our state remains enforceable. Only by passage of Amendment 1 can the people of our state begin to restore some common-sense balance to Tennessee’s unenviable status as an abortion destination.

I am confident that, given full and accurate information by which to make a decision, voters will say Yes and take the side of protecting at-risk women and unborn children. Thank you, Macon County Times, for providing a fair and true assessment of Tennessee’s abortion law in a such clear and unbiased fashion. Your efforts raise the standard for media outlets throughout the state.

Brian Harris, President

Tennessee Right to Life