Macon County 4-H activity


May 7, 2014

Not pictured:

The Macon County Bread Baking contest was held on March 26, 2014. There were 81 entries in the four divisions. 4th grade prepared 3 corn meal muffins: 1st place LES- Layla Amons, 2nd place RBS-Mary Ellen Copas, 3rd place RBS-Kallie Pharris, 4th grade participants from LES were Macie Dillard, Ariel Walker, Braydee Brooks, Brody Clariday, Brandon Keith, Emma Stevens, Molly Brawner, Cody Cothron, Aidan Flynn, Kiley Hagan, Addy Howard, Carly Phillips, Myle Crowder, Emma Dickerson, Sierra Dulworth, Dawson Shrum, Kara Case, Brianna Fleming, Noah Hix, Morgan Malone, Hailey Cauthorne, Kalyn Eller and Thomas Herbert. 4th grade participants from RBS were: Hailey Pippin, Byron Bartley, and Kenyan Goolsby

5th grade prepared 3 biscuits: 1st place Westside-Allie Cliburn, 2nd place LES-Alexis Dean and 3rd place LES-Ashton Butcher, 5th grade participants from LES were Kinsley Davis, Hallie Dickens, Hayden Blankenship, Kaitlyn Driver, William Harp, Mary Massey, Elliott McGuire, Allye Morgan, Dillon West, Jalynn Gregory, Kyndal Ludick, Kacie Ray, Caleb Richardson, Abby Shoulders, Kimberly Sterle, Todd Chandler, Makenzie McGlothlin, Emily Ashburn, Clarice Chandler, Kyra Chandler, Madison Malone, Erik Osorio, Tia Rush, Kennedy HIx, Tyler Jenkins, Brookyn Lamb, Isaac Meador, Logan Whittemore, Lucas Johnson, Jayden Powell, Dylan Smith. 5th grade participants from RSB were Byron Bartley and Kenyan Goolsby

Jr. High prepared a quick bread: 1st place-Morgan Spivey, 2nd place-Nikki Collins, 3rd place- Amy Cliburn, Jr. High participants were Kaitlyn Stone, Amber Naramore, Kaylee Case, Kaylee Collins, Brooklyn Driver, Kayla Smith, Mia Brawner, Allyson Shoulders, Amber Stevens, Ashten Lamb Eli Borders, and Samantha Bussell.

Sr. High prepared a yeast bread: 1st place Adrianna Cliburn

MTSU to Present Goat Day Camp June 24, 2014

The Macon County Extension office has received information about an upcoming Goat camp for individuals to gain knowledge of raising and exhibiting goats thru possibly 4-H & FFA. Here is more information about how to sign up.

The Block & Bridle Club at Middle Tennessee State University is excited to offer an inaugural MTSU Goat Day Camp at the Tennessee Livestock Center on the MTSU campus. The event will be held on June 24, 2014. Check-in will be from 7:30 - 8:30 am and the program will begin at 9:00. Goat Day Camp will be open to all youth in grades 4th through 12th and requires a registration fee of $30. You are required to bring one goat with you for this event. Registration fees, in combination with sponsorships, will cover the costs for meals, learning sessions, awards, and a T-shirt. Outstanding educational opportunities are planned for this event. We are excited that Rusty & Rayna Lee from Winder, Georgia have agreed to teach the break-out sessions and showmanship demonstrations. We also will have help from a few other volunteers who have many years of meat goat showing experience.

The registration form (available on the webpage link below) should be postmarked no later than June 6, 2014. Please make checks payable to the MTSU Block & Bridle Club. If you have any questions please contact Dr. Alanna Vaught (615-653-6018 or, Katlyn Currie (615-477-0368), or Logan Hickerson (615-785-0859). Goat Day Camp information and forms are also posted on our webpage: (click on the goat day camp link).