“Jesus Walk” unites churches in Macon County

By Tilly Dillehay

June 11, 2014

The Macon County Ministerial Association hosted a “Jesus Walk” in Lafayette’s Key Park on Saturday. The concept was headed up by Pete Richardson, who had participated in a similar event in Montana, his previous resident state.

“We participated in Montana,” said Richardson. “And it was hugely inspiring; it was really quite the experience. It was like a revival on steroids.”

The event involves all Christian denominations in a given area that wish to participate. The event in Key Park saw members of churches from Catholic, Baptist, and Methodist congregations participating.

“The only thing is Jesus has to be at the center,” said Richardson. “It’s a Christian thing, so obviously, Christ. I think it’s a good thing for building Christian unity, and that’s something we can all work on, not just here in Macon but everywhere.

“The Macon County Ministerial Association led this,” continued Richardson, “and they’re the ones that sponsored it if you will—not much of a sponsorship since there’s no cost—but nonetheless they endorsed it, sanctioned it. Then we also sent out invitations to probably twenty other churches… I have no idea how many people will turn out.”

The sizeable group that did turn out was enthusiastic and ready, and marched the paths of Key Park with enthusiasm. They carried signs with messages such as “Jesus=Life,” “Thank you Jesus” and “Jesus the Way.”