Fleetwood Homes rewards employees

By Crystal Justice

Fleetwood Homes recently awarded employees over $49,000 in attendance bonuses. Every employee at Fleetwood has the opportunity to earn $10 per week on their check and $10 per week is set aside as a Christmas bonus when they miss no work. Therefore, associates with perfect attendance receive a $520 Christmas Bonus and $520 throughout the year—for a grand total of $1040 a year.

For more information on job opportunities at Fleetwood, visit fleetwoodhomes.com and click careers on the top right under the phone number.

IMG_375 :(L-R): [pic caption: Each one of these hard working folks made it to work, on-time everyday!]

Daphne Dyer, Royce Key, Jackie Nash, Jeff Meador, Mark Hammock, Matt Huffines, Mike Eamigh, Penny Gregory, Yvonne Eamigh


By Crystal Justice

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