County wide 5th Grade Essay Contest winner

The Castle

By Sidne Morgan

Prompt: Write a story about who you meet and what happens inside the castle.

“Good morning,” I said to the birds. I went into the kitchen for breakfast. Then I noticed something different, a castle was right beside my house! I ran to wake my parents, but they looked and didn’t see it. Next I went to look at it, and the gate open! Then I went in to look around.

It’s a beautiful home, but it seems to have been there for years. As I was looking at the furniture, some one greeted me. It was a gard! He looks really nice, but for some reason he calls me Princess Bella.

We kept on talking and I found out his name is Allen. Then Allen says that I have to get ready for my wedding! I told him that I was Grace and that I was only six years old. Next thing that I realize is that my great, great, great grandmother was named Bella!

I then ask him who I was going. Allen said “Jeffery Fredricks you silly girl.” Jeffery was my great, great, great grandfather! I couldn’t believe that I was about to marry my great, great, great grandfather!

At the wedding I walked down the red velvet carpet. I look around at the crowd. It was all of my ancestors. They looked so happy that I, I mean Bella was getting married! I couldn’t let them down and say “no.” I had to say yes. It was so hard, do I say, “no,” or, “yes.”

When I got up there, I clearly said, “I’m not the person you think I am. Not meaning to, I came to this castle. I’m really Bella’s great, great, great granddaughter, and I somehow time traveled to the past.” They really believed me and I finally got to go home!

The Castle

By Sidne Morgan

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