RBS City Council meets

By Kayla Fleming

The Red Boiling Springs City Council met at their annual monthly meeting on Thursday, September 8th. The meeting began with a roll call and the approval of the minutes from the meeting on August 11th.

Mayor Tom Fultz asked to make a change to the agenda as the meeting began and discuss the Natural Gas Department first. Mayor Fultz explained that he, two city employees, as well as the city lawyer had met at the Tennessee Regulatory Authority earlier that day to discuss violations the city of Red Boiling Springs had. The city had initially been under “a $20,000 violation” the mayor explained. There were also $27,000 in violations previously. However, after negotiations, the $20,000 violation was dropped to $10,000.

“We are going to have a person come here next week to check on six things that we’ve done, that we know that we have done, that will take off $4,200 on the $27,000.” The mayor told the city council. The remaining $22,000 must be used to upgrade the Gas Department in the coming year with a proposal submitted to the state within the next two weeks detailing how it will be spent. “This could have been money gone, but she gave it back to us to improve the Gas Department,” the mayor said. A motion was made to pay the fine, it was seconded and passed on roll call.

Pam Dean, a representative of a for profit charity, then went before the council to ask permission to use The Palace Park to set up a Santa’s Workshop before and after the Red Boiling Springs Christmas Parade. After little discussion, a motion was made to allow the charity to use the park, it was seconded and passed on roll call.

Next, Ronnie Mowell went before the city council to ask for a sign dedicated along Highway 52 for Charles Smalling, who lost his life in Vietnam during the war. Mowell also presented the idea of a Charles Smalling Day in Red Boiling Springs to honor Smalling. A motion was made to approve both the dedication and Charles Smalling Day; the motion was seconded and passed on roll call.

The city council then heard from Chief Terry Tuck with the police department. Chief Tuck recommended a 30 cent raise for Officer Phil Harper, as it was his time to have one. The raise would retro back to August. A motion was made and seconded to approve the raise, and passed on roll call.

Chief Tuck also told the council that Officer Danny Meador has asked to be made part time. Chief Tuck recommended that Justin Adams, who is currently a part time officer, be hired on as full time while Meador becomes a part time officer. A motion was made and seconded to approve this and passed on roll call.

Councilwoman Low then suggested that some form of recognition be made for Officer Jimmy Morgan, who won Law Enforcement Officer of the Week at a local radio station. A motion was made to give Morgan a gift card, after much discussion the motion was seconded and passed on roll call.

Next on the agenda was to hire Kiley Hall, Jr. as prisoner overseer. The motion was made and seconded and passed on roll call.

Mayor Fultz and Chad Owens, a representative of the utilities department, then discussed a hole in a ditch at Witcher Hollow. The mayor and Owens determined they would examine the hole and figure out how they could fill it in.

The council then discussed complaints they had received regarding the sanitation department. A few complaints mentioned were customers being skipped, cussed, and called liars. The mayor informed the council that one sanitation department driver had already been suspended for a separate incident. The council determined they would bring in the employees of the department and speak with them at a later date.

The council also discussed whether the sanitation department was required to pick up bags that were not placed into the trashcans. The mayor informed them that letters had been going out saying that the department would not.

The council received an update from the park committee from Councilman McCrary. He informed them that the land recently purchased to be turned into a park and walking trail would need to begin being mowed.

The council also discussed doing concrete work at the fire department as cracks are beginning to appear at the foundation of the block.

The mayor then informed the council that the city had ended their contract with the county to provide the city of Red Boiling Springs with animal control. The mayor cited that the current animal control service were not working their set amount of hours a week in Red Boiling Springs. The mayor told them he had contacted the former animal control service.

With no other business, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting. The motion passed on roll call and the meeting was adjourned.

By Kayla Fleming

Reach Kayla Fleming at 615-666-2440.

Reach Kayla Fleming at 615-666-2440.

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