Founding partner of local law firm passes

By Kelly Rich

The founding partner of the law firm Farrar, Holliman & Butler in Lafayette, Frank Farrar, passed away on November 29, 2016.

Farrar came to Lafayette in 1972 and started practicing law with James Chamberlain. He practiced with Chamberlain until he started his own practice.

Local attorney Guy Holliman stated, “This is a personal anecdote: I graduated from law school and wanted to come back home to practice and Frank agreed to take me in. He gave me a card table in the closet as my office and paid me $2 an hour. That’s how we started a partnership lasting almost 32 years. That partnership began in 1984 and a few years later we added Joey Butler to it.”

Farrar was originally from McMinnville, and in 1999 he and Holliman opened a law office there with Barry Medley.

Holliman recalls a case that stood out to him, “Everybody that knew Frank knew he was a very tenacious trial lawyer, he was very aggressive in the courtroom. Years ago we had this case where it was a single mother with an eight year old child, the case had been hotly contested and the other attorney had been trying to get Frank to settle and he wouldn’t so it went to trial and he tried the case all day long. He won a substantial recovery and it was about 10 days before Christmas. When the judge was ruling on the attorney fees, Frank told the judge it’s Christmas time and she is a single mother and things have been pretty tough and I don’t want the fee. It was all about the client.”

Farrar passed away at St. Thomas River Park Hospital following a sudden illness.

See Farrar’s full obituary on page 2A.

By Kelly Rich

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