Veteran information requested

The Macon County Historical Society is requesting information about Macon County residents who have served in the military services of our Nation. Having published a book that focused on the World War II veterans, we now want to collect information on all veterans.

We have a goal to publish a book about those who served during the Korean War Era—1950 to 1954. However, we want to collect information from all veterans so that these records will be available to anyone searching for information on their ancestors. It is important to history that these records to be collected and preserved. We also plan to publish books that will cover World War I and the service of those from Vietnam and the newer military actions.

We have developed a form that will capture much of the information we wish to have on file; however, we would appreciate pictures and a copy of the veteran’s DD 214. We can scan the forms and pictures and return the originals to the family.

We have been told that we missed some of the veterans from the WWII era. Perhaps we did not get data because people believed the book focused only on those who were in combat or for some other reasons. Whether the veteran was in a combat zone or whether their duty assignment was not in combat, the veteran filled a job assignment that was important to the military success of our Nation. We wish to save the records for all who have served our country.

To obtain one of our forms or to get more information about this project, please call the office of the Macon County Historical Society at 615-688-6247 or come by the office at 111 East Locust Street in Lafayette, TN. The office is open Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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