Escaped inmate caught in Westmoreland

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An inmate who walked off a work detail last week was apprehended a little more than a day later after a long search.

On Tuesday, February 7 at approximately 9 a.m., Eric Scott Creay escaped from a work detail that was in the process of cleaning a dumping site.

The Macon County Sheriff’s Office, Tennessee Highway Patrol and Lafayette Police Department were all called to search.

Due to bad weather the THP was not able to use their helicopter in the search effort.

The search continued throughout the night and into the next day, when he was apprehended around noon in Westmoreland.

He was located by the Westmoreland Police Department and the Sumner County Sheriff’s Department. Creay is now lodged in the Macon County jail. He was scheduled to be released in May.

Sheriff Mark Gammons said he would like to thank all the participating agencies who helped in Creay’s capture.


Staff report


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