The HealthierTN Project is an exciting opportunity for local communities like Macon County. This program has criteria and goals set at the state level for communities to achieve in order to gain the status as a recognized HealthierTN community. I really enjoy healthy eating and fitness activities, like hiking and running, so it was something I was interested in working with for Macon County. Over the next year, people in the community will begin to see the impact of the project as we implement the program. For example, one project is the marking of trail lengths at Key Park and RBS Parks. We are in the final stages of having signs made that will be installed at each park that shows the trail map and the distance for each section of the walking area so that it is easy for people that want to visit the park and, for example, walk 3 miles be able to see how and where in the walking trail they can accomplish that fitness goal. We hope to have these markers up in the parks by the time summer starts. Another exciting part of the program is bringing awareness to the community of all the medical providers and fitness opportunities available in Macon County. There are actually lots of great opportunities in our area!! We are in the process of installing tv stations at locations around the county where videos of fitness tips, provider information and other healthy information can be viewed while in waiting rooms or lobbies of the locations. As part of this project, we are creating videos that will be part of this package as well as posted on YouTube that highlight these opportunities in Macon County. To get connected to the HealthierTN Macon Project, visit our Facebook page, Healthier TN Macon County, and like the page. All links, updates, recipes and other great info will be posted there!! The HealthierTN Board members are hoping people in the community find these healthy resources useful in their overall wellness activities in leading a healthier and longer life!!
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