“I am so glad to be a part of this, thank you so much!”

“Put me down for the Ice Cream Social, thanks.”

“Sign me up, thanks” they say…

These are our community volunteers! Every day they thank us for the opportunity to give back to our community. They come from all types of backgrounds sharing their love, goodwill, and special talents. Each volunteer is a piece of the puzzle that we call Vision 2020 Inc—we could not do what we do without our volunteers.

In addition to the emotional contributions of our volunteers, there is also a monetary contribution of the time that they give so freely. Every year, Vision 2020 Inc volunteers log roughly 6000 hours of volunteer service. The current estimate puts the value of volunteer time at $20.92 an hour. Therefore, our community volunteers have contributed more than $125,000 dollars to our local economy. Wow what an economic impact!

April is National Volunteer Month; April 23rd-April 29th is National Volunteer Week. This is opportunity to recognize the many who have given generously of their time and resources to support the causes that they care about in their community. Also, this is a week to raise awareness of the contributions of volunteers and to encourage more people to donate their time to a local, national, or global causes. Be the change you want to see in the world!

Vision 2020 Inc would like to say “THANK YOU” from the bottom of our hearts to our community volunteers for the contributions and dedication to our community. We are able to do what we do because of your contributions to the organization and the community. It is amazing to see what we can do working together!

Vision 2020 Inc is a Red Boiling Springs non-profit, community support organization. For more information about our organization, please, visit our website: vision2020inc.com.

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