RBSHS Bulldogs lose 1 win 1

By Kayla Fleming

On Friday, December 2nd the Red Boiling Springs High School Bulldogs took on the Pickett County High School Bobcats at home in Red Boiling Springs.

Elijah Byfield was the top scorer for the Dawgs on Friday night with two two-point shots, three threes, and one free throw for a total of 14 points. Byfield had four fouls as well as a technical foul. Jordan Powell had ten points for the Bulldogs coming from three two-point shots and four free throws. Powell also had four fouls.

Matthew Murphy had two two-point shots and was two for two on free throws during the game, totaling six points for the Dawgs. Murphy had only one foul.

Hunter Kirk, Mason Hix, and Dustin Bergdorff each had three points for the Bulldogs. Kirk had three free throws, Hix and Bergdorff each had two two-point shot as well as a free throw. Kirk had three fouls, Hix had one.

Justin Bergdorff and Dylan Gross each had a two-point shot on Friday night. James Sampson had a free throw.

The Dawgs fell to the Bobcats, 44 to 77.

Next, the Bulldogs took on Daniel One Academy on Saturday, December 3rd in Cookeville.

Murphy was the top scorer for this game. He had three two-point shots, three three-point shots, and was two for two with free throws for a total of 17 points. Byfield had 14 points Saturday night, four two-point shots, two threes, and one free throw.

Powell scored four twos during the game and was six for six with free throws, totaling 14 points. He had three fouls. Kirk had eleven points during the game, three three-point shots and two free throws.

Hix had three points during the game, coming from a two-point shot and a free throw. Justin Bergdorff, Kendall Thompson, Dustin Bergdorff, and Bryson Cherry each had a two-pointer during the game.

The Dawgs defeated Daniel One Academy, 68 to 26.


By Kayla Fleming

Reach Kayla Fleming at 615-666-2440.

Reach Kayla Fleming at 615-666-2440.

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