Jr. Pro Basketball League News

By David Phillips

Our 1st week of basketball action was Saturday January 21 and we had some exciting games of basketball action. Our 1st game was a 6-8 boys’ game and had Amy Linville’s team winning over Jamie Martin’s team 33-2. There were no individual stats kept.

Our 2nd game was a 6-8 boys’ game and had Derek Meador’s team defeating Justin Dalton’s team 25-21. For Derek, McKade Mix had 12 points, Jake Meador had 9 and Garik Davis had 4. For Justin, Anthony Johnson had 10 points, Cooper Dalton had 8 and Cooper Green had 3.

Our 3rd game was a 6-8 boys’ game and had Matt Barlow’s team winning over John Carlisle’s team 10-5. For Matt, Markus Jones had 4 points and Bryce Barlow, Jaxen Honeycutt and Gavin Upchurch all had 2 each. For John, Cooper Carlisle had 4 points and Tanner Gilmore had 1.

Our 4th game was a 6-8 boys’ game and had Donnie Crawford’s team defeating Danny Rose’s team. There was no score or stats available.

Our 5th game was a 6-8 girls’ game and had Connie Shrum’s team winning over Scott Key’s team 16-5. For Connie, Sidney Massengille had 6 points, Jessa Spears had 4 and Ryleigh Coley, Hailey Jones and Megan Cothron all had 2 each. For Scott, Abigail Shelton and Kinslee Reid had 2 points each and Allie Kate Austin had 1.

Our 6th game was a 6-8 girls’ game and had Felicia Koutz’s team defeating Kim Hale’s team 22-6. For Felicia, Abbie Walrond had 10 points and Jolee Oliver and Madison Horton had 6 each. For Kim, Sheridan Ellis had 3 points, Lucye Polston had 2 and Bella Harper had 1.

Our 7th game was a 6-8 girls’ game and had Jason Marsh’s team winning over Holly Wix’s team 41-0. For Jason, Kallie Marsh had 14 points, Ava Davis had 12, Vanessa Kirby had 10 and Kylee Hauskins had 5.

Our 8th game was a 9-12 girls’ game and had Kristin Walrond’s team defeating Daniel Griggs’ team 18-5. For Kristin, Kaydence Walrond had 8 points, Abby Thompson had 6 and Alexis Bandy and Mattie Goad had 2 each. For Daniel, Kenna Wyatt had 5 points.

Our 9th game was a 9-12 girls’ game and had Nathan Gregory’s team winning over Felicia Koutz’s team 16-8. For Nathan, Khylie Peterson had 6 points, Kyra Gregory and Laityn Kirby had 4 each and Karly Tirjan had 2. For Felicia, Natalie Green had 4 points and Journey Beasley and Grace Deckert had 2 each.

Our 10th game was a 9-12 boys’ game and had Michael Bandy’s team defeating Curtis Dallas’s team 15-10. For Michael, Matthew Wheeley and Brody Frye had 6 points each, Trenton Carver had 2 and Kason Roark had 1. For Curtis, Isaiah Dallas had 4 points, and Noah Dickens, Devon Amalfitano and Cole Owens all had 2.

Our 11th game was a 9-12 boys’ game and had Jason Wix’s team winning over Joseph Cross’s team 39-10. For Jason, Gabe Borders had 25 points, Zach Borders had 6, Dawson Whittemore had 4 and Luke Gammon and Coner Gammons had 2 each. For Joseph, Hunter Griggs and Michael Peterson had 4 points each and Chase Keene had 2.

Our 12th game was a 9-12 boys’ game and had Serena Swindle’s team defeating Nick Crowder’s team 23-6. For Serena, Mason Swindle had 14 points, Ty Young had 5 and Eli Mercer and Ethan West had 2 each. For Nick, Logan Wilson had 4 points and Christopher Reynolds had 2.

Our 13th and final game was a 9-12 boys’ game and had Andrea Crowder’s team winning over Leigh Anne Nichols’ team19-6. For Andrea, Hayes Polston and Hunter Patterson had 4 points each, Maddox Crowder had 3, and Hayden Patterson, Landon Conner, Karson Meador and Dason Rowe all had 2 each. For Leigh Anne, Carson Dalton had 4 points and Riley Bolton had 2.

Until next week, keep shooting those hoops!


By David Phillips

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