Macon County Peewee Football, Cheerleading & Flag League News

Submitted by David Phillips

The league is right in the middle of our 2nd fundraiser for the year. This is the Under Armor fundraiser where the brochures have been handed out to each player and cheerleader. I ask everyone who has tried to help our league with this fundraiser to get these turned in to the pressbox this coming Saturday, October 8 at your game. Also our friend Tony “Cheesy” Gregory has made it through open heart surgery this past week and will be having some more this week. He will be out of work for several months so our league will be collecting donations at the front gate during the remainder of the season to try and help with some of his bills. Please help and contribute what you can but most importantly – keep him in your prayers that he will return to his normal self soon.

Our day started off with all four of our flag teams playing as we have close to 40 flag players this year. It seems like that we had a pretty good crowd to come out and watch these young men and even some young ladies play their game. It seems that everyone enjoyed themselves.

In our first tackle game of the day which was the radio game, we had a 6-8 division game and had the Lil Tigers winning over Vandy 36-8. For the Tigers, Matthew Wheeley had 103 rushing yards, 2 TD’s, 20 yards receiving with a TD and 5 tackles; Brennan Flowers had 62 yards and 2 TD’s; Cooper Dalton had 26 yards and 2 tackles; Bradley Crawford had 20 yards and 4 tackles; Tallon Whittemore had 15 yards, 1 TD and 2 tackles; Eli Gammon had a 20 yard pass for a TD and 2 2-point conversions; and Hudson West, Owen Pitts, and John Paul Harris all had 2 tackles each. No stats available for Vandy.

Our 2nd game was also a 6-8 division game and had Lil Bama defeating the Lil Eagles 6-0. There were no stats available for this game.

Our 3rd game was a 9-12 division game and had the Cowboys winning over the Big Tigers 42-0. For the Cowboys, Garon Cline had 99 yards, 2 TD’s and 4 tackles; Coltin Jenkins had 76 yards and 1 TD; Riley Thompson had 58 yards and 1 TD; Kelby Wheeler had 32 yards and 1 TD; and Kyler Scoggins had 4 yards and 1 TD; and leading the defense were Mason Swindle with 12 tackles, Levin Elmore with 10 tackles; and Daniel Stagner with 3 tackles. There were no stats available for the Tigers.

The last game of the day had Big Bama winning over the Vols 6-0. For Bama the leading tacklers were Hunter Griggs with 7; Riley Bolton and Rawley Ritchie had 6 each and Lane Kittrell had 4. The leading rushers were A J McQuery with 68 yards and 1 TD; Isaiah Dallas had 42 yards; and Eli Hix had 23 yards. For the Vols the leading tacklers were Kaleb Smith with 5; Conner Flashner had 4; Taylor Hobbs and Lucas Garrett had 3 each; and Dalton Dallas, Bradon Warren, Dawn Dallas all had 2 each. The leading rushers were Dalton Dallas with 22 yards and Kaleb Smith with 14 yards.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite everyone to come out to Pat Parker field each Saturday and watch some exciting games of football. Come on out and stay all day and show your support for these future stars of Macon County football and cheerleading!

Until next week, I’ll see ya in the endzone!

Submitted by David Phillips

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