Cache of guns, drugs, and stolen vehicles found

in Macon County

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Guns and drugs that officers found.

Joseph Broderick

Nathan Carver Ricky Anderson

Detectives of the Macon County Sheriff’s Department have been investigating a string of thefts that have occurred over the course of a month, which included vehicles, four wheelers, house break ins, and guns from different areas in Macon County.

According to police affidavits, on Oct. 31, Nathan Carver allegedly took a red Trecker U.T.V. from a shed at 3385 Hanestown Road and broke a window out of the home while attempting to enter the home. The U.T.V. was found on Chaffin Road where Carver had also taken a 4-wheeler.

On Nov. 1, detectives received a report of a stolen Plymouth Acclaim from the Phillips Hollow Road area. A “be on the lookout” order was issued and the vehicle was spotted on Clifty Road. While trying to stop the vehicle, the driver accelerated and turned on to Pryor Lane where he ran through three fences and continued on to the wood line and through a tobacco patch. He then jumped out of the vehicle and fled on foot.

On Nov. 4, five guns were taken from a home on Cave Hollow Road along with a green Ford Taurus that was recovered on Eulia Lane. On that same day Carver, went to a property on Chaffin Road and used a red Trecker U.T.V. to pull a Honda Recon 4-Wheeler out of a barn.

On Nov. 6 Carver also took a four wheeler from a residence on Eulia Lane and a Black Honda 500.

On Nov. 9, Carver went to a property on Howell Road and took a green riding mower and was later seen driving the mower down Hix Hollow Road, where it was found in some weeds.

During the investigation officers learned that Nathan Carver was the suspect. Since Carver has been apprehended, all vehicles and four wheelers have been recovered as well as some of the weapons.

Carver was arrested on Friday, November 11 in the Oakdale Road area.

While attempting to recover the stolen items, detectives received information of one of the stolen guns being at the resident at 1363 City Park Road of Ricky Joe Anderson, who was on probation from a drug arrest last year. A probation search was performed and 9.4 grams of methamphetamine in 13 individual baggies was discovered along with one of the stolen guns.

Christopher Broderick was also in the residence and fled out the back door but was apprehended.

Nathan Wayne Carver, 23, of 303 Hwy 52, Lafayette, was arrested on 11/11 by Wilburn and charged with eight counts of theft of property, reckless endangerment, three counts of vandalism, driving on revoked/suspended license, two counts of evading arrest, eight counts of criminal trespassing, violation of probation, unlawful possession of a weapon, and aggravated burglary. Court date 11/23. $27,000 bond.

Ricky Joe Anderson, 56, of 1363 City Park Rd. Scottsville, was arrested on Nov. 15 by Sandifer and charged with possession of SCH.II, court date 11/23, and charged with unlawful possession of a weapon, court date 11/15. $4,000 bond.

Brandon Joseph Broderick, 31, of 1982 Siloam Church Rd., Westmorland, was arrested on 11/15 by Boles and charged with possession of SCH.II, possession of drug paraphernalia, and evading arrest. Court date 12/7. $4,500 bond.

Guns and drugs that officers found. and drugs that officers found.

Joseph Broderick Broderick

Nathan Carver Ricky Anderson Carver Ricky Anderson
in Macon County

Staff Report


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