Pipeline leak effects ripple into Macon County

By Kelly Rich

A leak from a major fuel pipeline in Alabama caused Colonial Pipeline to shut down a section of one of its pipelines last week that has spilled about 6,000 barrels of gasoline in Shelby County, AL.

Colonial Pipeline provides gasoline for about 50 million people between Houston, TX and New York City every day.

The severed section of the pipeline wasn’t expected to be up and running again until this week, so suppliers are working to find other ways to get fuel to their customers.

But alternative methods likely won’t be able to match the 1.3 million barrels a day that the leaking pipeline normally produces.

An analyst at GasBuddy.com says the leak could cause gas prices to jump between 5 and 15 cents in Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

Locals quickly saw the effects here in Macon County as some of the gas stations ran out of gas.

Lafayette Fire Dept. Chief Keith Scruggs stated last week, “This leak has caused an interruption of the flow and delivery of gasoline into several states. Now that everyone is hearing about it, they are going and filling up and that is running us out locally.

“It’s a combination deal, it’s not that we are out of gas, but everybody is filling up everything they have and causing our supply to run low. There are a lot of vehicles in Macon County and when everyone tries to fill up at once it causes a shortage in our local supply. Gas stations are still going to be getting supplied.”

After speaking with Scruggs at the beginning of this week he commented that things seem to be back to normal. “Gasoline is flowing back into the County and everyone has gas,” said Scruggs.



By Kelly Rich

Reach Kelly Rich at 615-666-2440.

Reach Kelly Rich at 615-666-2440.


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