Macon helps Trump win White House

Macon County and the rest of the nation made a statement against the status quo Tuesday evening, when they voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump for President of the United States, as well as the slate of Republicans vying for down- ballot positions in Tennessee.

By an almost 6 to 1 margin over Hillary Clinton, Trump garnered 83 percent of the Macon County vote, with Hillary Clinton a distant 14 percent. Nationwide, Trump was able to beat Clinton in the Electoral College vote by a margin of 58, attaining 276 as of press time.

As the polls closed at 7 p.m., in Macon County, the unofficial results were released.

As of press time, results in the 2016 election in Macon County were as follows:

U.S. President

Donald Trump – 6260 votes or 83.28%

Hillary Clinton – 1071 votes or 14.25%

Nationwide, the Electoral College results in the presidential election were as follows:

Donald Trump – 276 (270 needed to win)

Hillary Clinton – 218

U.S. House of Representatives

Diane Black – 5355 votes or 78.04% in Macon County, while attaining 71% statewide.

David Kent – 1036 votes or 15.10%.

Tenn. House of Representatives

Kelly T. Keisling – 5324 votes or 81.76%, while attaining 82% statewide.

F. Mike Campbell – 1183 votes or 18.17%

In the mayoral race in Red Boiling Springs, Tom Fultz had a 54 percent majority over opponents Lydia Lowe (4.30 percent) and Terry Newberry (41.77 percent).

7614, or 54.94% of registered voters in Macon County, came out and cast their votes in this election. More than double the number of voters utilized absentee or early-voting ballots (5335) than election day voters (2278).

The referendum on permitting Retail Package stores in RBS was 55.20 percent to permit vs. 44.80 percent not to permit.

In the Presidential election, Donald Trump moved within reach of victory after he stunningly won Pennsylvania, a state which has not backed a Republican candidate for president since 1988. Trump’s campaign style and rhetoric made an especially strong connection with white, working class voters who have been increasingly left behind in the country’s changing economic mood.

Trump’s victory also puts into jeopardy many of President Barack Obama’s policies enacted during his reign, such as the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, the Iran nuclear agreement and trade deals with other countries.

Nationwide, women supported Clinton by a double-digit margin, while men were much more likely to vote for Trump.

The GOP has now not only won the White House with the Trump victory, but also maintained a majority in both houses of Congress, in an amazing defeat of the Democrats, and one that gives Trump a similar advantage to the one that helped Obama in his first term pass the ACA with no support from GOP members of Congress.
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