November is Recycling Month for Macon County

Raising Awareness and Changing Behavior


November has been proclaimed Recycling Month in Macon County in connection with America Recycles Day on November 15, 2016. America Recycles Day is the only nationally recognized day dedicated to the promotion of recycling programs in the United States.

Your future is defined by what you do today. The success of recycling mainly depends on an active contribution from the community. The efforts of all sectors of the county, including citizens, schools, government offices, commercial businesses, industries, and institutions are very important. The Macon County Solid Waste Dept. has set goals and made strategic plans over the years to steadily increase the amount of recycling, while decreasing the amount of waste disposed to landfills. Teamwork within the department has been essential. Dedicated employees of the Solid Waste Dept. are Chuck McLerran, James “Red” Akers, Anthony Merlo, Anthony Knight, Colin Morris and Debbie Richardson, Director. It takes a community working together to achieve good things.

The Macon County Solid Waste Department sponsors an annual Recycling Awareness Campaign which makes the emotional push needed to raise awareness and positively change people’s behavior to recycle more. The intent is to increase recycling rates, increase financial savings, preserve natural resources, and job creation. Macon County residents and businesses are encouraged to start their own recycling and reduce their waste.

Recycling begins when individuals make the effort to separate recycling materials from trash materials, and then deposit those materials to be recovered through recycling collection programs, rather than throw them away. Recycling is as easy as these three steps: 1. Designate a specific container for recycling. 2. Put only recycling items in these containers 3. Take the recycling to your nearest collection site. The cycle continues when consumers purchase products and packaging with recycled content.

The Macon County Solid Waste Dept. maintains several drop-off collection sites throughout the county for public use 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at no charge. The large red containers are lettered “ Please Recycle” and are located at the following sites throughout the county: Westside on Hwy 52; Hardees on Hwy 52 By-Pass; Career Center (4 containers) on Hwy 52 By-Pass; Hillwood RBS on Hwy 52; and at the Macon County Transfer Station on Heady Ridge Road in Red Boiling Springs. We accept newspaper, mixed paper, magazines, books, plastics #1 and #2, aluminum cans, tin food cans, and cardboard. Please look for the triangle logo on the bottom of plastic containers. We ask that you do not put trash items or other non-recyclable materials in the recycling bins. For instance, plastic swimming pools, plastic ice coolers, plastic lawn chairs, plastics #5 or plastics #7 are not recyclable. Disposing of your trash in recycling bins is absolutely prohibited.

Other items, such as tires, electronics, appliances, metal, fluorescent bulbs, antifreeze, propane cylinders, lead acid batteries, rechargeable batteries, and household paint can be recycled at the Macon County Transfer Station. Certain auto parts/repair businesses accept used oil for recycling. Businesses, industries, and institutions may prefer to have their cardboard picked up at their facility. We can provide you with a contact for private collections for your convenience.

The Macon County Solid Waste Department also maintains recycling programs at each of the eight schools in the county. Education and the hands-on involvement with students and staff have proven to be an essential part of our awareness campaign. Recycling containers are in each of the classrooms, offices, cafeterias, kitchens, playgrounds, and sporting events. The school recycling program builds good recycling habits with the youth of the county that will continue into their future.

Macon County has again remained in the top ranked counties in Tennessee with a 90% waste reduction rate in all sectors, including residential, commercial, industrial, government, and institutional. The state of Tennessee requires that all counties/regions meet a 25% waste reduction goal each year,

For information on recycling with your household or business, or information about waste that can be disposed at the Transfer Station, visit the county web site at, (click on Visitors, departments, solid waste) or call the Macon County Solid Waste Dept. at 615-699-3707.
Raising Awareness and Changing Behavior



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