David Allen Schroeder

David Allen Schroeder

A Bethpage couple was arrested after allegedly stealing a horse within Macon County.

David Allen Schroeder, 62, and Holly Schroeder, 64, have both been charged with theft of property of more than $1,000 following the incident, which took place on Nov. 25.

According to the arrest report, the owners said that their brown and white spotted saddle horse left their property on Nov. 24 and traveled to the Schroeders' property the same day.

One of the owners was contacted and asked to retrieve the horse from the Schroeders' property on Nov. 25 but said she was left to believe it had escaped and wandered off before she arrived.

According to the report, the owners called the Macon County Sheriff's Office on Dec. 6 after discovering the Schroeders had taken the horse to another location.

During the ensuing investigation, both David Schroeder and Holly Schroeder said they had the horse but did not reveal its location. Major Joey Wilburn charged the two with theft following their statements.

David Schroeder and Holly Schroeder each had their bond set at $6,000, and their court date is slated for Jan. 2.