The remains of the body found on Bryant Perry Road in Bethpage on Oct. 29 has been confirmed to be that of Anthony Driver, who had been reported missing approximately six weeks before the remains were discovered.

According to the Sumner County Sheriff’s Department, the matter is now being conducted as a homicide investigation. The Sumner County Sheriff’s Department declined to reveal the cause of Driver’s death, citing that the matter is still an ongoing investigation. The coroner’s office indicated that the results of the autopsy are still incomplete.

Driver, who had been reported missing out of Macon County since early September, was last seen in Fred’s Department Store in Westmoreland on surveillance video on Labor Day before family reported him missing shortly thereafter.

Acting on a tip, Westmoreland Police initially found the body in a wooded ravine and then notified the Sumner County Sheriff’s Department, which has jurisdiction in the area where the remains were discovered.

DNA evidence was able to confirm that the remains were Driver. Those results were confirmed on Nov. 9 by the Tennessee Medical Examiner’s Office, but the complete autopsy will take 8-12 weeks to complete, according to the coroner’s office.

The body was recovered from a thickly wooded area at the 1100 block of Bryant Perry Road on Oct. 29. Bryant Perry Road is located approximately 10 miles east of Portland, between the Oak Grove and Westmoreland communities.  

The Sumner County Sheriff’s Department, Tennessee Highway Patrol, Sumner County EMS and the Emergency Management Association all scoured the woods for clues and collected evidence.

The Macon County Sheriff’s Department was actually the lead investigator in the case prior to the body being found in Sumner County.

Because the case is being investigated as a homicide, anyone with any information involving Driver’s disappearance and murder are asked to call Major Tim Bailey at the Sumner County Sheriff’s Department at 615-442-1834.

Driver was the son of former Westmoreland Police Department chief Denise Etheridge.