Cody Dailey

Cody Dailey

RED BOILING SPRINGS -- Two Westmoreland men were arrested after an alleged domestic assault, with the Macon County Sheriff's Department reportedly finding over 50 marijuana plants at the residence where the incident took place.

Cody Dailey, 24, and Luke Dailey, 27, each face multiple charges following the incident, which took place on Friday.

According to the arrest report, Macon County Sherriff's Department Deputy Bryan Emberton observed Cody Dailey with a large cut on his eye after arriving at the Elzie Williams Road residence. Luke Dailey was located in the woods nearby and detained for questioning.

The mother of the men gave verbal and written statements that the two were arguing when she woke up and that Luke Dailey punched Cody Dailey in the face several times.

Cody Dailey told Emberton that he and his brother had been drinking, and a verbal argument between them escalated into a physical altercation. He also said he had slammed Luke Dailey against a wall during the conflict.

Luke Dailey's account of the incident reportedly matched the accounts of his mother and brother. When investigating the residence for damage, Emberton also found a shower containing at least 50 marijuana plants, which Cody Dailey said belonged to him.

According to the report, Luke Dailey had also destroyed several items inside the residence, but his mother declined to press charges.

Cody Dailey was charged with domestic violence, possession of drug paraphernalia and manufacturing of narcotics. His bond was set at $5,500, and his court date is slated for Wednesday.

Luke Dailey was charged with domestic violence, public intoxication and failure to appear as directed by a lawful authority. His bond for the first two charges was set at $2,500. For the third charge, he was not granted bond and was held for his court date, which is slated for Wednesday.