Dione Dyer

Dione Dyer

by Craig Harris

Macon County Times


A woman faces a variety of charges following an incident that took place at the Lafayette Walmart on June 26.

Lafayette's Dione N. Dyer, 30, attempted to flee from Lafayette Police Department officers before she was chased down by a civilian.

According to the arrest report, Sgt. Jeff Hix and Elliot Sandifer were dispatched to Walmart, and Dyer attempted to get away from Hix, who was trying to secure a wad of baggies.

The report says that the officers believed

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Dyer was intoxicated, as she was yelling, and Sandifer escorted Dyer to his patrol car.

Dyer kicked the wad of baggies away from the officers as they walked to his patrol car, and the officers later found that there was 1.1 grams of methamphetamine inside of the baggies.

Dyer was placed in the patrol car, but as Sandifer walked to show the methamphetamine to Hix, Dyer broke out of the patrol car through the center glass and climbed out of the passenger door.

As she fled, a civilian chased her down and brought her back into custody of the officers.

Dyer was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, tampering with or fabricating evidence, possession of a schedule II drug, evading arrest, escaping the custody of an officer, public intoxication and violation of probation.

Her bond was set at $14,000, and her court date is slated for July 18.