The Macon County Commission voted to pass a fire billing resolution at its monthly legislative body meeting on Nov. 19.

The resolution had been discussed at the commission's previous meeting on Nov. 5.

Macon County Mayor Steve Jones read the resolution to the commission.

It states, in part, "Whereas, fire protection is provided to Macon County by the various volunteer fire departments... Whereas, the providing of fire protection for the county residents are of significant importance and requires the cooperation and contribution of all firefighting entities in the county, and Whereas in order to provide adequate fire protection for the county requires significant financial (expenses) by the firefighting entities within the county, and Whereas it is reasonable for the county to ensure that the various firefighting entities within the county have adequate funding to perform their duties of fire protection ... Therefore be it resolved that Macon County, 1) hereby establish a policy for the reimbursement and charges for fire alarm calls, 2) that in the event that any firefighting entities in Macon County receive a call out and respond there to, they should be paid by the county $700 for the call out, provided the firefighting entity submit a billing to the county that complies with policies and procedures ..."

In the event of a false alarm, the county will pay $200. Both apply only to calls outside of the city limits of Lafayette and Red Boiling Springs.

The Macon County Codes Department will be responsible for billing landowners for the alarms. However, if the landowner does not have insurance that would cover the fire, the codes department "shall have the authority" to mark the charge as a write off.

Jones told the commission that, previously, the county donated $2,500 to the fire departments. He also added that if a department did not cover enough fires to meet that $2,500, the rest would be donated to them.

The commission also voted to accept a recycling resolution, and Jones told the commission the county had been granted a recycling permit. A recycling center is in progress.

Jones also announced that all proper paperwork had been filed to instate the sales tax that was passed by referendum during the Nov. 6 election. Jones said that the tax should be implemented on Jan. 1.

Jones also told the commission that the dispute concerning Sullivan Hollow Road was being resolved by those involved.