Mikel Dalton

Mikel Dalton

A Westmoreland man faces assault charges after a domestic dispute.

Mikel Dalton, 44, was arrested following the incident, which took place on Dec. 23.

According to the arrest report, dispatch received a report that there was a domestic dispute at a Fieldstone Lane residence in Westmoreland in which a male subject had a gun and a female was locked in a bathroom.

When Macon County Sheriff's Department officer Dylan Gann arrived, Gann asked Dalton to come outside.

Dalton cursed at Gann and said, "You will have to shoot me," before turning to walk in the bedroom.

Gann then fired his taser at Gann due to him not following his commands and walking into another room.

Dalton also resisted arrest by not putting his hands behind his back when he was commanded to do so.

Dalton was detained for his safety and everyone else at the scene.

Upon further investigation, it was discovered that Dalton allegedly pointed a shotgun at his wife and his daughters.

Dalton was charged with aggravated assault and resisting arrest.

Dalton's bond was set at $16,000, and his court date is slated for Feb. 12.