Kalika Lashay McDonald

Kalika Lashay McDonald

An incoherent Lafayette woman was arrested after incident in the parking lot of the Lafayette Walmart.

Kalika Lashay McDonald, 24, faces a series of charges after she was found passed out in her vehicle on Sept. 11.

According to the arrest report, Lafayette Police Officer Josh McClard was dispatched to Walmart as a result of an individual passed out and unresponsive inside her running vehicle.

McClard attempted to wake McDonald -- the driver of the vehicle -- up by speaking loudly and tapping her, and after she didn't respond, McClard reached inside and turned the vehicle off.

When McClard opened the door, McDonald almost fell out according to the report.

After waking McDonald up, she was incoherent, and McClard asked her if she had used any drugs. She told him that she had taken some Xanax and had some marijuana in her purse.

McClard administered a field sobriety test, which indicated that McDonald was impaired past the ability to operate a vehicle safely.

Fellow police officer Jeff Hix searched McDonald's purse and found morphine capsules and property that looked to be new that came from Walmart. McDonald told McClard that she didn't pay for the items.

Other merchandise was recovered as well.

A pill container was found in the vehicle containing Alprazolam, Hydrodocone, Oxycodone, morphine and Vyvanse, and a portion of a marijuana cigarette was recovered as well.

McDonald was charged with simple possession of schedule II drugs, simple possession of a schedule VI drug, driving under the influence and theft of property.

McDonald's bond was set at $13,500, and her court date was slated for Oct. 17.