Brian Lee Orrs

Brian Lee Orrs

A Hartsville man was arrested after allegedly firing a gun inside his family's residence and exposing himself to members of the Macon County Sheriff's Office.

Brian Orrs, 43, faces multiple charges following the incident, which took place on Feb. 1.

According to the arrest report, officials were dispatched to a residence to investigate shots that were fired inside.

Orrs allegedly answered the door aggressively and intoxicated, and he then slammed the door and shouted profanities at the law enforcement present.

The report states that after an hour-and-a-half of communications, Orrs opened the door with his pants down and exposed himself to Sheriff Mark Gammons and one of the deputies.

Orrs was then taken into custody, and officials found that the other people inside included Orrs' son, a daughter-in-law who was 38 weeks pregnant and three grandchildren.

According to the report, Orrs had fired a Ruger .40 caliber pistol into his bedroom floor, at which point his daughter-in-law escorted the children to safety.

Orrs' son allegedly found his father in the bedroom with both the pistol and a 12-gauge shotgun, and he took possession of the firearms after a short struggle before leaving the residence with his family and calling law enforcement.

A search warrant was issued for the residence, and officials seized multiple boxes of ammunition for the shotgun and pistol. Several marijuana pipes and sets of scales were also allegedly found inside.

Orrs was charged with six counts of aggravated assault, six counts of reckless endangerment, possession of a weapon under the influence, indecent exposure, possession of drug paraphernalia and resisting arrest.

Orrs' bond was set at $73,000, and his court date is slated for March 6.