Red Boiling Springs Mayor Kenneth Hollis made the city's budget a pillar of his recent election campaign, and he has spent his first week in office focused on that issue.

"The general fund, there's about $60,000 in it to finish up my fiscal year," Hollis said. "I'll be lucky to have enough money to pay the fire and police to finish out the fiscal year."

Hollis' plan to save money is currently focused on cutting expenses being directed toward city employees.

"There are going to be some holiday (bonuses) we're going to cut out, changing the employee handbook (policy on raises) and stopping overtime," Hollis said. "I don't want to do a bunch of cutting salaries and pay, but if I have to, I will look at that to get affairs in order."

The city is also seeking to purchase Nestle's water treatment equipment, which has remained in operating condition since the plant closed last December.

"They're wanting to sell it to the city ... it's nothing anybody else would want, but it's a fully-functioning water treatment plant," Hollis said. "If we have to borrow money to buy that, it's well worth it, because we can then start making and

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selling water."

Along with the general fund, Hollis looks to focus on building up the gas, utility and water funds.

"Streets are a big thing too, and I think we're going to try and borrow money to pave some of every street that needs it in town," Hollis said. "We can pay about $30,000 a year on a note, which is what's projected to come in from liquor sales, beer sales and gasoline tax."

Hollis hopes to move forward with several of these measures at the upcoming city council meeting, which is slated to be held on June 13, with the legislative body's approval.

"I think the people and the new council are ready for some changes in Red Boiling, and when they look at the books to see these accounts are drained, they'll say it's time," Hollis said. "If you don't have money to pay employees and bills, you have to make some changes."