Craig Harris/Macon County Times Lafayette's Fast Pace Urgent Care Clinic is slated to open on Aug. 10.

Craig Harris/Macon County Times

Lafayette's Fast Pace Urgent Care Clinic is slated to open on Aug. 10.

Updates were given on numerous projects that are ongoing at the Lafayette City Council meeting held on May 8.

"I'm expecting to see even more construction being done in the future here in Lafayette," Lafayette Mayor Richard Driver said.

Driver told the council of the new log cabin being constructed at Winding Stairs Park and the construction of a new Taco Bell.

The staining of the log cabin has been delayed due to weather, but it will hopefully be completed by the end of May.

Macon County General Hospital has almost completed the construction of a new parking lot.

"To my understanding, when they get the new parking lot finished, they'll be going into tearing the old parking lot off," Driver said. "Fast Pace Urgent Care is moving along very quickly, and with Taco Bell, they got the foundation laid and got it ready for the plumbers to go in and put in the plumbing."

Driver also updated the council on the recent construction on the public square.

"The gallery on the square, Gallery 102, that's the project that Russell Brown … that's his project, and that's going to be the gallery," Driver said.

"They've done the demo on it, and they've got the footer poured for the foundation for the front façade. That looks really good. That's moving along very well."

The car wash on the Highway 52 Bypass next to Strong Tower Church is also being renovated, with plans to reopen in the near future.

The council voted to amend the zoning map in order to zone a newly-annexed area of the city. The council passed it on its second and final reading, which adds a 1 percent cost of living adjustment to some pay scales.

The fiscal year budget was also passed, as was a revision to the birthday paid day off benefits section of the personnel policy for the city.

The council also passed a measure on its first reading that will removes charges to citizens for additional garbage cans.

Revisions to fire department policies and procedures were approved, as was the hiring of new lifeguards at the city pool, and the hiring of Danny Fisher as police officer.

The council also approved a request from Lafayette Chief of Police Stacy Gann to allow other officers to donate their sick days to an ill officer.

Finally, prior to the adjournment of the meeting, the council bid farewell to council members Marcus Smith and Jerry Wix. Driver thanked both of them for their time on the council and their commitment to the city.

Wix ended the meeting by singing his rendition of the Marty Robbins song, "Don't Worry About Me."