Nicholas Charles Mason

Nicholas Charles Mason

A Lafayette man was arrested after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend while driving on a suspended license.

Nicholas Charles Mason, 29, faces multiple charges following the incident, which took place on July 1.

According to the arrest report, Lafayette Police Department patrolman Josh McClard was dispatched to the intersection of Highway 52 Bypass East and Garrett Road due to reports of a female subject screaming for help, and he located the victim with blood on her shirt, arms and face coming from a lip wound.

The victim stated that Mason had struck her face while driving and refused to let her leave the vehicle, and that she fled after he was forced to stop due to traffic.

Mason returned to the scene after allegedly calling the victim's phone to ask if there were any police in the area, and he was told there were not. He was then placed under arrest.

McClard stated in his report that he observed no wounds on Mason and ran a license check that revealed Mason's license was suspended.

Mason was charged with domestic violence and driving on a suspended license.

His bond was set at $2,500, and his court date was slated for July 24.