Steven Lenz

Steven Lenz

A Lafayette man was arrested after allegedly driving on a revoked license under the influence of alcohol while in possession of prescription drugs and a loaded gun.

Steven Lenz, 48, faces multiple charges following the incident, which took place on Jan. 17.

According to the arrest report, Macon County Sheriff's Office deputy Dylan Gann located a vehicle that Sumner County had advised was being operated by a possibly suicidal and impaired driver.

During a traffic stop, Lenz reportedly lost his balance, failed to follow or complete several instructions after submitting to sobriety testing and told deputies he "probably should not have been driving tonight."

Lenz was allegedly found in possession of a loaded Ruger SR9 9-millimeter handgun and an open liquor container, which he admitted to drinking from, during an inventory search of the vehicle.

The report also states that Lenz was carrying multiple prescription pills not belonging to him in a small silver cylinder, along with a bottle of liquid syrup containing prescription Guaifensin and Hydrocodone.

During the incident, dispatch advised Gann that Lenz was driving on a revoked license and had failed to change the address printed on it.

In addition, Lenz allegedly sent text messages to a woman with an active order of protection against him on the day of the incident. The arrest report states that Gann has pictures documenting the texts.

Lenz was charged with driving on a revoked or suspended license, failure to report a change of address on his driver's license, possession of a legend drug, possession of Schedule II narcotics, driving under the influence, possession of a weapon under the influence, violation of the open container law, and violation of an order of protection.

His bond was set at $14,000, and his court date was slated for Feb. 13.