Francisco Gomez Guzman

Francisco Gomez Guzman

A Lafayette man escaped from a Macon County Sheriff's Department deputy last Friday.

Francisco Gomez Guzman, 28, was finally arrested on Saturday evening and faces multiple charges with what began as a routine traffic stop.

According to the arrest report, Macon County Sheriff's Department deputy Jacob McClard conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle with a non-working headlight.

Once the vehicle stopped, Guzman exited the vehicle and walked toward the front of the vehicle before he began running. McClard pursued him on foot as Guzman was attempting to retrieve something from his right, front pocket.

McClard warned Guzman before deploying his Phazzer but did not make contact with Guzman, but McClard did catch up to Guzman and tackled him.

While McClard was attempting to notify dispatch, Guzman kicked free, and McClard pursued him again. However, Guzman maneuvered underneath a fence, and McClard lost sight of him.

Three other individuals -- 23-year-old Francisco Penate Mendez, 24-year-old Gabino Arcos Lopez and 22-year-old Elisco Lopez Diaz -- were all in the vehicle with Guzman and were charged with public intoxication.

Guzman's wallet was retrieved in the vehicle, and it contained a small marijuana roach.

Guzman was charged with driving on a revoked/suspended license, simple possession, violation of the light law and evading arrest.

His bond was set at $3,200, and his court date is slated for Aug. 29.