Tiffany Collier

Tiffany Collier

A Lafayette woman was arrested last week after allegedly stabbing her daughter.

Tiffany M. Collier, 34, faces an aggravated assault charge following the incident, which took place last Wednesday.

According to the arrest report, Collier allegedly pulled a butter knife on her daughter during an altercation and threatened her with it.

The victim told Macon County Sheriff's Department deputy Joseph Woodard that Collier stabbed her with the knife.

Woodard did see evidence of a cut on her left wrist, where the victim told Woodard that she was stabbed.

Scratch markings were also visible around her neck area, as were red markings along both arms.

Collier did not have any marks, but her left ear was red.

Collier's bond was set at $7,000, and her court date is slated for Jan. 9.