Karley Diane Murrell

Karley Diane Murrell

A Lafayette woman has been charged with attempted criminal homicide stemming from an incident that occurred on Dec. 19.

Karley Diane Murrell, 25, was arrested in Lafayette last Thursday.

According to the arrest report, the incident also involved Ben Bolte, 23. Bolte was arrested in late January and charged with attempted criminal homicide, resisting arrest and revoked bond.

Murrell -- who was Bolte's girlfriend -- called a friend on Dec. 19 and asked that he come to pick her up. He borrowed his mother's 1999 Jeep Cherokee, and picked up she and Bolte -- whom he didn't know -- when he arrived in the area on Oak Grove Road. Bolte's girlfriend actually told the driver that Bolte was her brother.

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The man driving the vehicle told officers that Bolte appeared to have a small rifle with him.

The three drove around, and later on, the driver eventually pulled over to use the restroom. When he did, Bolte closed the door and attempted to drive away.

The man grabbed the door and then grabbed the rack on top of the vehicle and pulled himself on to the top of the Jeep Cherokee. Five shots were fired and jumped off of the vehicle.

The driver of the vehicle suffered some minor injuries and was bloodied, resulting in him being taken to Gallatin's Sumner Regional Medical Center later on.

Though he didn't know Bolte, when law enforcement officers showed the driver pictures of some of the individuals who live in the area where he initially picked up Bolte and Murrell, he identified Bolte as the one who stole the vehicle.

Since then, Murrell was arrested in Florida and charged with methamphetamine possession, but she was released on bond and failed to appear at her court date.

When she was arrested on Thursday, Murrell was also charged with introducing drugs into a county institution.

Murrell's bond was set at $105, 000, and her court date is slated for Wednesday.