Robert Shane Tittle

Robert Shane Tittle

A Lebanon man was arrested after allegedly leading officers on an 80-mph car chase in Lafayette.

Robert Shane Tittle, 43, faces multiple charges following the incident, which took place on June 29.

According to the arrest report, Lafayette Police Department patrolman Byron Butcher conducted a traffic stop on a Toyota with a tag coming back to a Ford.

The driver, later identified as Tittle, allegedly gave his name and date of birth to Butcher and stated he had been drinking after the officer noticed a strong odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle.

Butcher then reportedly found that the information Tittle had given was not on file and asked him to step out of the vehicle for further identification.

Tittle allegedly said that he was not leaving the vehicle before rapidly accelerating in an attempt to flee, and he refused to stop after Butcher pursued him with his lights and siren active.

During pursuit, Tittle allegedly ran multiple stop signs, repeatedly crossed the center line in the roadway, met with other vehicles and reached speeds of up to 80 mph.

Tittle also allegedly drove through and damaged a yard on Coulter Road and a yard at the apartment complex on Larry Circle while attempting to flee.

According to the report, Tittle was arrested after his car became disabled on Galen Road.

Officers found that Tittle's girlfriend was with him during the pursuit and that her life had been endangered as a result. He also located multiple empty Bud Light cans inside the vehicle.

Tittle was also allegedly driving on a suspended license, had given a false date of birth and threw a beer can from the vehicle during the pursuit.

According to the report, Tittle stated that he ran because he believed there were warrants for his arrest and because of his suspended license.

Tittle was charged with aggravated assault, a financial responsibility violation, unlawful removal of a registration decal or plate, driving an unregistered vehicle, evading arrest, driving to the left of the center line, reckless driving, driving on a revoked or suspended license, driving under the influence, reckless endangerment, criminal impersonation, violation of open container law and criminal littering.

His bond was set at $22,000, and his court date was slated for July 17.