Ricky Dean Ray

Ricky Dean Ray

A Red Boiling Springs man allegedly broke a glass door by hitting a Macon County Sheriff's Department deputy with it.

Ricky Dean Ray, 54, faces aggravated assault charges in addition to others following the Aug. 27 incident.

According to the arrest report, Macon County Sheriff's Department deputy Joseph Woodard was dispatched to a Terry Drive residence in Red Boiling Springs, accompanied by fellow deputy Cody Murphy, for a domestic incident that allegedly involved a gunshot.

Ray came to the door as the officers arrived and was cursing at both officers, first Murphy and then Woodard. Woodard asked Ray to go outside to talk, but he began to go back into the house.

Woodard attempted to get Ray to go outside, and Ray slammed the glass door on to Woodard's head, causing the glass to break. It caused swelling over Woodard's left eye and on the left side of his face.

According to the arrest report, Ray was creating a disturbance and was disorderly.

Murphy and Woodard entered the residence and placed Ray into custody, though he did attempt to resist.

Woodard spoke to Ray's son while inside the residence. There is an active order protecting the son from Ricky Ray.

The son initially said that there was no gunshot and then said that there could have been a gunshot.

A witness said that there was a gunshot.

Ray was charged with disorderly conduct, domestic violence, resisting arrest, aggravated assault, filing a false report and violating a condition of bond.

His bond was set at $23,000, and his court date is slated for Sept. 26.