William Douglas Likens

William Douglas Likens

A Lafayette man faces additional charges after he allegedly ingested multiple substances while being booked into the Macon County Jail.

William Douglas Likens, 26, faces a series of charges following the incident, which took place on Nov. 12.

According to arrest reports, Lafayette police officer Jason Sells was on patrol and witnessed a black Dodge truck sitting in the middle of the lane on Days Road. As Sells drove past the vehicle, he saw an individual leaned over the passenger seat.

Sells drove back toward the vehicle, and the truck began to drive, quickly arriving at a nearby driveway to park.

Likens was the driver of the vehicle, and Sells informed Likens that he was obstructing the roadway and asked for his driver's license.

It was discovered that Likens' license was suspended and that he also had a warrant out for his arrest.

Likens was placed under arrest, and it occurred within 600 feet of the Macon County High School cross-country course.

Likens was asked if he had anything on his person due to only his outer clothing having been searched, and he advised that he did not.

At the Macon County Justice Center, a corrections officer found a clear, sandwich-sized plastic bag inside of his pants, on the back side.

After being asked multiple times what it was, Likens responded that it was nothing.

When the corrections officer attempted to grab the bag during a strip search, Likens allegedly grabbed the bag, pulled a corner off of it and ingested a portion of its contents, resisting corrections officers in the process.

Sells could see that there was a crystal substance in the bag, which field tested as methamphetamine.

The arrest report states that Likens was argumentative during the process.

Likens later admitted to corrections officers to ingesting Hydrocodone tables, Xanax tables and methamphetamine, all of which were in the plastic bag.

Likens was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, a drug-free school zone violation, tampering with or fabricating evidence, introducing drugs into a county institution, filing a false report, driving on a revoked/suspended license, obstructing a highway/passageway, and the manufacture, delivery, sale of possession of methamphetamines.

His bond was set at $31,500, and his court date is slated for Jan. 15.