Sebastian Lopez

Sebastian Lopez

A Lafayette man was arrested after allegedly leading officers on a drunken police chase and lying to corrections staff about his identity.

Sebastian Lopez, 25, faces multiple charges following the incident, which took place on Sept. 22.

According to the arrest report, Macon County Sheriff's Office deputy Dylan Gann observed a driver, later identified as Lopez, driving to the left of the center line in a county roadway with a tail light that was not operational.

Lopez allegedly refused to stop after Gann initiated his emergency lights and siren.

Over the course of the pursuit, Lopez allegedly crossed the roadway's center line multiple times, crossed the fog line multiple times and ran a traffic light on Scottsville Road before coming to a stop.

The report states that Lopez appeared to be heavily intoxicated when placed in custody, and that he refused to consent to a blood draw.

Gann applied for a search warrant in order to conduct a blood test and was unable to find paperwork for car insurance, a vehicle registration or a Tennessee driver's license during a search of the vehicle and Lopez's person.

Lopez later allegedly lied to corrections staff when being booked into the Macon County Jail, by giving a false name and stating he had not been previously booked into the jail (with Gann's

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report stating that Lopez has been booked before).

Following the incident, Lopez was charged with driving without a license, financial responsibility violation, violation of registration law, criminal impersonation, obedience to any required traffic-control device, violation of light law, violation of implied consent law, driving under the influence, evading arrest and driving to the left of the center line.

His bond was set at $12,000, and his court date was slated for Nov. 20.