Jonathan Edward Brown

Jonathan Edward Brown

A Red Boiling Springs man was arrested after allegedly striking an officer in the face and exposing himself.

Jonathan Edward Brown, 43, faces multiple charges following the incident, which took place on Aug. 31.

The Macon County Sheriff's Office traveled to Brown's residence to speak with him in response to reports of harassment, at which point he allegedly became irate.

According to the arrest report, Brown repeatedly yelled at deputy William Tuck, asked why he was on his property and refused to comply with any instructions.

Tuck said that he believed Brown was under the influence of narcotics and asked him what was in his pockets.

Brown then allegedly said he had nothing, threw the contents of his pockets on the ground and removed his pants and underwear.

Tuck attempted to place Brown under arrest for disorderly conduct, and Brown allegedly resisted arrest and struck him in the face.

Brown was charged with resisting arrest, assault, indecent exposure, public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

His bond was set at $250, and his court date is slated for Oct. 2.