Melissa Lynn McGlothlin

Melissa Lynn McGlothlin

A Red Boiling Springs woman was arrested last Friday following a domestic incident.

Melissa Lynn McGlothlin, 38, faces charges of domestic violence and resisting arrest.

According to the arrest report, Red Boiling Springs police officer Mark Bartley was dispatched to a Windle Lane address to check on a dispute.

When Bartley and police chief Kevin Woodard arrived, McGlothlin was found in the bedroom with a steak knife in her hand. She laid down in the corner of the room after dropping the knife.

After speaking with her husband and daughter, the officers were told that McGlothlin was “mad and out of control.�

Her daughter told the officers that she tried to hold her mother down in an attempt to calm her, but McGlothlin got up and punched her on the right cheek.

Her husband told the officers that she cornered him after she got the knife and said that she was going to kill them.

She also punched her husband in the arm.

When the officers told her that she was under arrest, McGlothlin would not comply. Bartley, Woodard and Macon County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Kyle Petty had to place McGlothlin on the floor in order to handcuff her.

Her bond was set at $4,500, and her court date is slated for Sept. 26.