Lucas Tracy

Lucas Tracy

A Westmoreland man faces a felony charge stemming from an incident that occurred in February of 2015.

Lucas Adam Tracy, 25, was transported to the Macon County Jail last Wednesday and charged with rape of a child of less than 13 years old.

The Macon County Sheriff's Department was undergoing an investigation involving a family-related issue in 2015, and following the investigation, an indictment was issued. However, Tracy fled the area.

The Macon County Sheriff's Department received information back in August that Tracy was in Michigan.

After discovering where Tracy was staying, the Macon County Sheriff's Department contacted U.S. Marshals, and Tracy was picked on Aug. 17 in Oceana County, Michigan.

He refused extradition, so the district attorney's office was contacted as a process ensued to have him extradited back to Macon County. A governor's warrant was eventually issued for Tracy to be returned to Tennessee to face the charges.

His bond was set at $30,000, and his court date was slated for Monday.