Their friends may be imaginary, but the charges that two Lafayette residents face are very real.

A man and woman have been charged with reckless endangerment after they allegedly began firing gunshots from the man’s truck at three imaginary men.

Jonathon Harter, 35, and Autumn Lee Hutchison, 43, both of 1125 Dotson Road in Lafayette, were charged with reckless endangerment in the matter.

The incident took place on a ride from Bethpage through Westmoreland and on to Portland on Feb. 23.

Police located the couple in the parking lot of Arby’s in Portland at approximately 9:25 a.m. after Harter had stated to police that he had been shot while driving his truck.

Harter told police that he was turning in to the Bethpage Market earlier in the day to buy cigarettes and said that as he slowed down that three masked men jumped into the back of his pickup truck and were carrying a gun.

Harter stated to police that he drove the three men to Westmoreland and then turned left on to Highway 52 toward Portland. He stated that he slowed down, and the three men jumped off the truck and then began firing gunshots at his tires.

Harter said he then began to fire back with his gun and that Hutchison also fired a shot.

When police interviewed Hutchison, she gave a very different account of what happened. She told police that there were no men in the back of the truck at any time and that Harter was hallucinating. When asked why she fired a shot, she stated that she did so to appease Harter. The officer told Hutchison that she had fired the shot in an area where there were houses around. She said she fired a shot into the air and did not notice any houses in the area.

Harter was initially transported to the emergency room at Portland TriStar Hospital before a warrant was issued for his arrest. Hutchinson was taken directly to the jail.

Both face charges of reckless endangerment. Bond for Hutchinson was set at $7,500, with a court date scheduled for March 13 in Sumner County General Sessions Court.