Christian Omar Santes

Christian Omar Santes

A Westmoreland man was arrested after allegedly evading arrest on three occasions and assaulting his girlfriend.

Christian Omar Santes, 31, faces multiple charges following the incidents, which took place between Nov. 19, 2018, and Sunday.

According to the arrest report, the most recent incident occurred when Macon County Sherriff's Office Sgt. Bobby Jacoby traveled to a residence to look for Santes, who had active arrest warrants on file.

While Jacoby was at the door, Santes allegedly fled the residence from another door and was pursued on foot.

Santes allegedly refused to stop when two back-up officers began chasing him, but Jacoby caught up with him in the nearby woods and placed him into custody.

Macon County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Jacob Law had also attempted to find Santes at his residence days earlier, on May 8, due to his active arrest warrants.

According to the arrest report from the May 8 incident, Santes came to the door and ran into the woods after Law saw him through the window.

Law said that he searched for Santes but was unable to locate him.

The Macon County Sheriff's Office had previously encountered Santes when deputy William Tuck was dispatched to New Zion Church on Feb. 12.

Upon arrival, Tuck met with Santes' girlfriend, who stated that Santes started hitting her as he was driving down the road and that she jumped from the vehicle.

The victim was observed with swelling on her face and lips, along with early signs of bruising around both eyes. Santes had allegedly fled on foot before Tuck arrived.

In addition, Santes allegedly failed to return items due to the Macon County Public Library on Nov. 19, 2018.

According to the arrest report, the library sent notices and phone calls following the due date but did not receive the items from Santes.

Santes faces two charges of violation of probation and two charges of evading arrest, along with charges of resisting arrest and domestic violence.

He was held without bond for a May 22 court date regarding the violation of probation charges.

For the remaining charges, Santes' bond was set at $9,000, and his court date was slated for May 22.