Matthew Wayne Cantrell

Matthew Wayne Cantrell

A Westmoreland man faces a series of charges following a car chase that occurred on Aug. 10.

Matthew Wayne Cantrell, 35, was taken into custody after he was transferring to the Macon County Jail from the Sumner County Jail on Aug. 20.

According to the arrest report, Lafayette Police Department Sgt. Jeff Hix attempted to initiate a traffic stop on a yellow Ford pickup truck on Aug. 10 due to it having non-working taillights. When Hix activated his blue lights on Hwy. 52 near the Macon County Sheriff's Department, the truck slowed down and pulled into the emergency lane as if it was stopping.

However, the vehicle pulled back on to the highway and traveled west, turning on to Days Road. The vehicle was to the left of the center line multiple times and then turned on to Miller Road, continuing to cross the center line.

At the end of Miller Road, the vehicle ran a stop sign and turned left on to Bradley Hollow Road, traveling approximately one-fourth of a mile before attempting to turn on to a gravel road. The vehicle ran into a tree and turned over on its top.

Cantrell exited the vehicle and ran away as Hix told him to stop.

There was a female passenger in the vehicle, which was owned by someone else who indicated that Cantrell was in possession of the vehicle. The female passenger identified Cantrell as the driver.

Cantrell was charged with a violation of light law, driving to the left of center line, driving on a revoked/suspended license, being a habitual offender, a financial responsibility violation, a registration violation, speeding, reckless driving, evading arrest, resisting arrest, failure to stop for signal/sign and violation of probation.

According to the arrest report from Aug. 20, Cantrell was actually taken into custody when he fled from a Sumner County Sheriff's Office deputy J.D. Thomas, who saw Cantrell at Tuttle Salvage in Westmoreland.

Weeks earlier, Cantrell fled from Thomas in the same area after Thomas stopped there.

Cantrell ran through tall grass, but Thomas managed to track him down and ordered him to get on the ground. Cantrell laid down but resisted when Thomas attempted

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to handcuff him.

Cantrell continued to resist as Thomas escorted him to his patrol car. Once inside the patrol car, Cantrell banged on the inside of the vehicle and split his head open.

Thomas took Cantrell to meet an ambulance, and he was treated.

While on their way to the Sumner County Jail, Cantrell allegedly had a seizure and was taken to Sumner Regional Medical Center.

Cantrell's bond was set at $28,800, and his court date is slated for Sept. 5.