Sharon Kay Eaton

Sharon Kay Eaton

A Watertown woman was arrested after allegedly driving while drunk with a 15-month-old child in the vehicle with her.

Sharon Eaton, 30, faces multiple charges following the incident, which took place on Saturday.

According to the arrest report, police Sgt. Jacob McClard was dispatched to the area of Lafayette's Coley's Market to investigate claims of someone walking in the road, and he saw a vehicle turning around at the entrance.

McClard then approached the vehicle to ask if they had seen anyone walking nearby. He confirmed Eaton as the driver and was told by dispatch that she had two active arrest warrants, along with a suspended license.

The report states that McClard noticed beer in the vehicle's cup holder and asked Eaton to exit the vehicle. She reportedly told him she had been drinking two beers and had marijuana in her purse.

Police Sgt. Derrick Gann also arrived on the scene to perform field sobriety testing. Eaton was allegedly unable to complete several tasks or instructions properly, causing Gann to believe she was under the influence.

During a search of the vehicle, McClard said he was unable to locate any proof of insurance.

Eaton was charged with driving on a revoked or suspended license, driving an unregistered vehicle, a financial responsibility violation, child abuse, driving under the influence and simple possession.

Her bond was set at $15,200, and her court date was slated for April 17.

Eaton also faces two charges of failure to appear as directed by a lawful authority due to her active arrest warrants at the time of the incident.

She was held without bond for court dates on March 13 and March 27 regarding those charges.