Morgan Nichole Evans

Morgan Nichole Evans

A Lafayette woman was recently arrested after she allegedly refused to return her boyfriend's cell to him.

Morgan Nichole Evans, 20, was charged with theft of property following the incident, which occurred on Dec. 29.

According to the arrest report, dispatch received a call about a possible domestic situation at a Galen Road address in Lafayette.

Lafayette Police Officer Jason Sells responded to the call and discovered that there had not been any type of domestic assault.

However, it was discovered that Evans did have an iPhone X that belonged to her boyfriend. Evans' boyfriend asked for the phone back, but Evans said multiple times that she was not going to give the phone back to him.

Sells explained to Evans that if she didn't give the phone back to him that it would be theft of property, because she would be depriving the owner of his property.

Sells then asked Evans for the cellphone -- which cost $1,300 -- and she said that she wasn't giving the phone back, telling law-enforcement officers that they weren't getting the phone.

Sells then detained Evans, and she placed the phone on the patrol car before it was given back to its owner.

Evans then said that her being detained was what needed to happen and that they did not need to take the handcuffs off of her. When she was asked why, Evans responded by saying because of what she might do.

Sells asked Evans if she could stay there and not get into a fight if he released her, and she said that she could not, telling officers that she would fight with someone else who lived at the residence.

Evans was then arrested for theft of property and also for the safety of the other residents who lived there.

Evans' bond was set at $5,000, and her court date is slated for Jan. 15.