Tamyra Ashley Wix

Tamyra Ashley Wix

A Westmoreland woman and Lafayette woman were arrested after allegedly assaulting a family, including a pregnant woman, in the parking lot of Lafayette's Dollar General.

Tamyra A. Wix, 32, and Barbara L. Albanese, 65, were both charged with assault following the incident, which took place on Nov. 28.

According to the arrest report, Lafayette Police Department patrolman Josh McClard was dispatched in reference to a physical altercation.

Upon arriving, McClard spoke with a woman found bleeding from facial wounds, who said that Wix opened her car door and began striking her. Witnesses at the scene stated that they saw a woman dressed in black attacking another woman in her vehicle, and Wix told McClard at the police station that she had opened the victim's car door and hit her.

According to the report, accounts from multiple witnesses stated that Albanese took part in the assault by blocking the victim's vehicle from leaving the parking lot. These accounts also stated that Albanese made threats of murder and shoved the victim's pregnant daughter.

McClard said that he determined Albanese to be a primary aggressor based on several witness statements and conversations with all parties involved.

Wix and Albanese both had their bond set at $1,000, and their court date is slated for Wednesday.