Over a professional speaking career of 40-plus years, I have made appearances on all of these 50 United States along with a trip to the Virgin Islands.

During the time of my travels, I suppose I didn't give it much thought. But recently, I decided to look back and see where I had been. It's amazing how things accumulate sometimes.

My speaking travels have taken me to Virginia Beach, Vero Beach, Myrtle Beach, Pompano Beach, Miami Beach, Daytona Beach, Fort Walton Beach, Panama City Beach, Surfside Beach, Porte Vedra Beach, Orange Beach, Wrightsville Beach and West Palm Beach.

I have entertained in Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Jefferson City, Rock City, Ocean City, Park City, Salt Lake City, Fountain City, Mountain City, Johnson City and the "Windy City."

I've made speeches in Colorado Springs, White Sulfur Springs, Silver Springs, Palm Springs, Hot Springs, Bonita Springs, and Red Boiling Springs

I've traveled to Jekyll Island, Amelia Island, Marco Island, St. Simons Island, Hilton Head Island, Sea Island, Kiawah Island, South Padre Island, and the Isle of Palms.

I've entertained at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, the Greenbrier in West Virginia, the Homestead in Virginia, and Pinehurst Golf Club in North Carolina.

I've spoken in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Las Cruses, and Lascassas.

On one occasion, I made a speaking presentation between two cities.

A few years back, I arrived in Point Clear, Ala., to present a seminar for a state health care association. When I met with the meeting planner, she informed me that a number of her members had expressed a desire to travel to the Beau Rivage Casino in Biloxi, Miss. (which was approximately an hour and a half away) and participate in some recreational gambling.

She was "wondering" if I would be willing to present my seminar on the tour bus while her members were en route to their gambling destination. She was further "wondering" if I would present an additional seminar on the way back from Biloxi. It seemed, if I was willing, her members could get their gambling done and secure their continuing education requirements all at the same time. Well, I did it.

Now picture this … I was standing on the top step of a tour bus holding on to the driver's microphone with one hand, and holding on to dear life with the other hand. The road was curvy and the driver never slowed down. You might say I have talked all the way from Point Clear, Ala., to Biloxi, Miss., and back again. It was quite an experience, to say the least … one that I will not try again.

I've spoken in the college towns of Lincoln, Neb.; Lawrence, Kan.; Morgantown, W. Va.; East Lansing, Mich.; Blacksburg, Va.; Charlottesville, Va.; Chapel Hill, N.C.; Phoenix; State College, Penn.; Muncie, Ind.; Norman, Okla.; Stillwater, Okla.; Auburn, Ala.; and Gainesville, Fla., just to name a few.

I've been to Fort Worth, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Fort Smith, and Fort Leonard Wood.

I've spoken in "The Dalles" in north-central Oregon and "The Dells" in central Wisconsin.

I once made a speech in Bad Axe, Mich. That's Bad "Axe" as in A - X - E … Bad Axe.

I've spoken in Portland, Ore.; Portland, Maine; and Portland, Tenn.

They've heard me speak in Twin Falls, Idaho Falls, Sioux Falls, Great Falls, Niagara Falls, and Fall Creek Falls.

I've made speeches in Lafayette, La.; Lafayette, Ind.; and Lafayette, Tenn. … and all three are pronounced differently.

I've spoken in New Orleans, New Bern, New Bedford, and New Middleton.

I've made speeches in Oneida, Etowah, Ooltewah, and Walla Walla.

I've addressed audiences in Reno, Fargo, Buffalo, Moro, Tupelo, Pueblo, Plano, Kosciusko, and Sacramento.

I've been to Lake Tahoe, Lake Okoboji, Lake of the Ozarks, Lake Barkley, Lake Cumberland, and Chateau on the Lake in Branson, Mo.

On back-to-back Februaries, my wife, Kathy, accompanied me on speaking trips to Maui, Hawaii, and to Anchorage, Alaska. We decided that if we could return to either location, our choice would be Anchorage. It snowed every day we were there.

Anchorage is the only place where I made a speech before daylight. The seminar began at 9 a.m. When I finished speaking at 10:30, it was still pitch dark outside.

We discovered halibut in a restaurant in Alaska. I think I ate halibut every day we were there. What a trip.

It has been interesting to find in all my travels that Americans are great folks. No matter where I've been, I've run into some very fine people. It has been the best part of my traveling and speaking experience.

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