Linda Key

Linda Key

A 75-year-old Lafayette woman was arrested for speeding through a school zone on Sept. 25 and reached speeds of 100 miles per hour after police began to pursue her for the school zone violation.

Linda Key, 75, was traveling on Tuesday afternoon as Lafayette Police Department officer Matt Looper was getting ready to patrol the school zone where the speed limit is posted at 25 miles per hour during the time that school lets out.

According to Looper's report, Key was clocked traveling 50 miles per hour through the school zone, causing him to activate his emergency lights. Key ignored Looper's lights and kept driving on Highway 52. She passed a tractor trailer truck just before the intersection at Drapers Crossroads as the officer continued his pursuit. Key was clocked at a speed of up to 100 miles per hour.

When Key finally stopped her vehicle, she did so in the middle of Highway 52 East and did not pull over to the shoulder of the road.

Key was placed under arrest for speeding, reckless driving and evading arrest by Looper, and her vehicle was towed away as well.

Key was taken to the Macon County Jail, where her bond was set at $1,500. Key is due in Macon County General Sessions Court on Oct. 17 to face the three charges.

Then, Key was arrested again on Sunday on three more charges.

According to the arrest report, Key crossed the center line and turning lane, entering the eastbound lanes near the 900 block of Highway 52, almost striking Lafayette Police Department officer Jeff Hix.

Hix activated his lights and attempted to stop the vehicle.

The vehicle continued to travel west on Highway 52 at a rate of 40-45 mph for approximately four miles.

When reaching the 600 block of Highway 52, Hix was able to pass Key and block the roadway, inducing her to stop.

She faces charges of reckless driving, driving to the left of the center of the roadway and evading arrest.

She will be held until her Oct. 17 court date.